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Eintrag im Gästebuch bei www.parow-info.de

Name: Jere Hogan
Datum: Do 27 Nov 2008 06:38:56 CET
Betreff: 6 Oct. 1944 8 AAF bombing

Respectfully present personnal observed fact about that day. I was a waistgunner on a B-17 in the lead group. That was the 381st Bomb Group lead by Group Commander Col. Leber. 37 B-17s from the 532nd, 533rd, 534th, 7 535th Squadron were in that group from Ridgewell AAF Base. Two other Bomb Groups followed. The 379th, (524th Squd. 525th Sqd. 526th Sq. 52th Sqd.) from Kimbolton AAF Base. The 384th Bomb Group (544th Sqd. 545th Sqd. 546th Sqn. 547th Sqd.) Both Groups started with 37 ship - one did not make it to the Generator - bridge target. These are all 8th AAF B-17 Bomb Groups. No British aircraft were involved. British Bombers never flew with 8th AAF Bombers on any mission. A total of 110 B-17a dropped bombs that day. The 8th Air Force Strategic Operations records for Oct. 6th recorded 110 planes at Stralsund - a target of opportunity - The briefed target was the synthetic oil plants at Politz which was under 9/10 cloud cover. The second group in uncharacteristly dropped bombs on the town area well short of the actual target. Names of all 110 pilots, with their Squadron numbers are available upon request - as well as any other information requested